Hiya! Im Tif.

Graphic design, photography, pop culture, and food occupy the majority of my brain cells + days.

I’m a freelance graphic designer with a focus on branding, lettering, and typeface design.

My practice has always been rooted in typography, joy, and collaboration.

It all began when I studied the my 2nd grade classmates’ handwriting and stole the coolest bits into my own, then designed PowerPoints and Neopets user layouts for fun.

Since then, I’ve received my certificate in Typeface Design from TypeParis and completed Type Electives’ Foundations in Display Type Design course, designed at fluid.hk (now PWC Experience Center Hong Kong), and studied Computer Science + Graphic Design at Boston University.

Somewhere in between all of that, I developed software at athenaHealth, helping healthcare professionals do their jobs with greater ease.

Currently, I’m seeking full-time or freelance opportunities in brand/editorial design, remote or based in Boston, MA.

  • Brand creation
  • Data visualization
  • Logo design
  • Type design