Home Wiz

Branding, Lettering, Illustration

Home Wiz is a local handyman business that wanted to present their company as approachable, reliable, and trustworthy. Their previous logo missed the mark with its sleepy wizard in pajamas and skinny typeface selection.

Raf loved the idea of incorporating the shape of a house roof in the crossbar of the H, but as I explored this idea with existing typefaces, it was clear why this is not a common form in other typefaces. The ends of the roof made it difficult to space the H and o evenly and the triangular form of the roof differed so drastically in form from the remaining round shapes in the word “Home.”

I drew the custom type based on geometric sans forms, since they spoke Raf and Patrick’s reputation and work and jived better with the strong geometry of the H’s roof crossbar. Carefully, I drew the W with a similar form to the H’s roof crossbar, to reinforce the visual consistency of the design.

As for the wizard, he is awake and ready to work!