Looks like Art, Tastes like Feet

Data Visualization Photography Publication Design

The world of craft beer today is colorful, fun, and incredibly expressive. It’s also flavorful, but as someone who does not enjoy beer, the cans always appealed to me visually above anything else.

Looks like Art, Tastes like Feet is a study on craft beer can artwork, memorializing the beer can collection of the unofficial Grand Somerville Beer Can Art Gallery.

Everything works together, thanks to a consistent color scheme, shared condensed proportions to the typefaces, a strict grid system, and standardized photography setup. As for the layout, the goal was to establish a clean, blank canvas to take in the art, like an art gallery.

Three different typefaces tango together throughout the publication to capture craft beer culture’s quirkiness, craft, and casualness.

The many shades of orange/brown are inspired by the color of beer from the palest ales to the darkest stouts, then with a bit of hoppy green and complementary purple thrown into the mix.